Fall/Winter 2012 Hair Trends

Girls all around the world choose how to wear their hair every day; whether they choose to disappear and wear a hat, blend in by putting their hair up, or just simple and straight. I think we should experiment with our hair, whether it is a new edgy pixie cut, blunt bangs (which I recently had a mishap with, thanks to a wacky stylist), or a new kind of braid. Today I am going to show you how they mixed it up on the runway this season with hair trends.

1. Low Knots


This is for the girl who hates the time it takes to do her hair. (ME! lol) Pretty much all you need are some bobby pins. This look is sleek without trying too hard.


2. Victory Rolls


As soon as I saw this on the runway, I fell in LOVE. This style is so sleek, fresh, and modern. Soon, i am going to attempt it.


3. Side Parted Ponytails


At the Marc by Marc Jacobs show, the models wore side parted ponytails. This look is fresh and young, and a perfect spin on the classic style.

4. Statement Accessories


I was very excited when I realized the hair accessories were on trend because I thoroughly enjoy putting things in my hair. This piece from Rodarte is just beautiful!


Well, there you go. The top hair trends for Fall/Winter 2012. Hope you got inspiration from this!


xoxo, Jennifer


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