Beauty Empties!

Hey guys! So, today I decided to clean my room and my closet and I found a lot of stuff I didn’t realize I had. I should hold the world record for most scented lotions… 🙂 Anyways, I decided to show you guys some beauty/hair products that I have used up, and tell you how they worked and if I would buy them again. (Sorry about the chipped nail polish in these pics :P)

Here are the “empties”:

1. TRESemmé Extra Firm Control Hairspray


Let me just tell you that this has to be the BEST hairspray in the world. And before you deny this in your head, listen to my reasons. Almost three years ago, I was entering into a beauty pageant. I have this neighbor, and she is awesome btw, but my mother and I asked her (because she has lots of fashion and beauty knowledge) what was the best hairspray to use on my hair for an outdoor beauty pageant in Mid-August located in the very hot state of Texas. She recommended this hairspray, and in the 1000˚ weather, marching around in a prom dress, my hair stood up to the humidity and had a perfect curl. I won best hair! 🙂 It also keeps your hair soft! So anyways, I have kept on buying this hairspray ever since. Below is the picture from the pageant, ignore the awkward peace sign..I was going through a phase.


2. TRESemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo


So, I wanted to try dry shampoo because nowadays all you hear in the Hair Care world is “DRY SHAMPOO!”. Lol. I bought the travel size because I was skeptical, but to my amazement, I LOVE this. It soaks up extra oil in seconds! I have a problem with my bangs sometimes getting oily, but this fixed it right away! (No more washing them bent over the sink (: )I need to buy some more, but it might be awhile because I checked the ingredients and to my dismay, there is corn starch in this product. (I am HIGHLY allergic to corn and corn-based products.) But, if you don’t have a corn allergy, this inexpensive dry shampoo is great.

3. Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat


So, I have pros and cons about this top coat. Pros: Looks amazing, gives your nail polish the “thickness” of a salon manicure, dries very quickly. Cons: is expensive, and I know this sounds weird but trust me, it’s almost like it “shrinks” your nail polish after two days. Then it just peels off. So not long-lasting. I would recommend buying this if you want it to look like your nails were done in a salon, but don’t buy this if you want your nails to last a week.

4. Aussie Catch the Wave Hair Mousse + Leave In Conditioner


This has to be one of my favorite mousses. To get the beachy wave look, at night after my shower, I would apply this to my towel dried hair, then put my hair into french braid pigtails, and go to sleep. The next morning I would wake up, undo the braids, and have perfect beachy hair! Perfect for a girl who has naturally pretty straight hair. 🙂 So, if you are looking for  wavy mousse, get this one! Im definitely buying this again.

5. Maybelline New York Line Stilletto Ultimate Precision Liquid Eyeliner


I LOVE this eyeliner!! OMG its the best!! I normally use a pencil and put this over so it lasts long and doesn’t smudge. This has a felt tip applicator that is amazing and you can do cat eyes perfectly, easily, and quick. This is one of my makeup must haves: a great liquid eyeliner. Buy this next time you are at the store!! 🙂


Well, thats it. Hopefully you liked this little post! Soon I will post some outfits and I’m super excited to show you my way of doing the mixed print trend. 🙂

See ya soon!

xoxo, Jennifer


4 thoughts on “Beauty Empties!

  1. Have you tried Dove Style+Care Amplifier Mousse? The Volume+Mouvement one. It makes your hair a bit wavy and adds style even when you are not using curlers. It`s a fast & easy solution for weekdays.

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