5 shades of lipsticks every woman should own..Jen’s Way!

Hey guys! You know how I did that post..the 5 lipsticks every woman should own? Well, I am going to show you the lipsticks I own for those shades! Lets get started:

1. The Nude Lip

Okay, I dont actually own a nude lipstick because every shade I have bought I have needed to return! Hopefully soon I will find a nude lip color that will work for me…for now, I put foundation on my lips and then coat them with clear gloss. Good solution? I think yes!

2. The Coral Lip

My coral lipstick is NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in the shade “Femme”. I LOVE this coral! (Sorry about the quality of the pictures today, the lipstick difference isn’t as noticeable in the pics as in person.) It is the perfect lipstick to just swipe on and it makes you happy instantly!


3. The Classic Cherry Red Lipstick

I just love how red lipstick instantly makes you look amazing. I have my hair pulled back and I look way more put together with the lipstick than with no color. I should try this more often. 😉 I am wearing E.l.f. essentials Lipstick in the shade “Fearless”.


4. Burgundy Lipstick

This is my burgundy red lipstick. I was wearing this yesterday in the outfit photos so the lighting is probably better there. This is Covergirl Lip Perfection in the shade “Burn”. It is the exact same one that Taylor Swift was wearing in the ad! The texture of this lipstick is a little dry though, I would like it to be a little creamier. Some might not consider this burgundy red, but I do because it always looks darker on me than other girls with different complexions. Oh well, we all are special. 🙂


5. Hot Pink

This has to be my favorite lipstick EVER! It is the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in the shade Lovesick. I HAVE to get more soon! It kind of looks like a Clinique chubby stick. This lip color goes on like a lip balm, has the color pigment of a lipstick, has a gloss finish, and stays on like a stain! (I have actually worn this all day before, only re-applied once, then went to bed after eating all day long and brushing my teeth and stuff, and when I woke up my lips STILL had a pink color!) Hopefully I will get more shades soon, because I love this brand.


Anyways, I am obsessed with lipstick and the difference it can make in your appearance. My verdict is that this is “Glamour in a Tube” and soon you will see me incorporating my favorite lipsticks into my everyday outfits.

Til next time!

xoxo, Jennifer


5 thoughts on “5 shades of lipsticks every woman should own..Jen’s Way!

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