Jen’s Target + Neiman Marcus Collaboration Wishlist

I was super stoked last year when Target did a collaboration with Jason Wu. One can only imagine how fast my heart was beating when I found out that Target and Neiman’s were working together to bring pieces from 24 different designers at a price that is unbeatable. Now, most of these things are still expensive to me, and I wont be getting anything from this collection most likely, but I wanted to show you what I would buy and what I want from this collection. They are going to be listed in order of what I would like to have first and what I would LOVE to have last. The collection is available in stores and online tomorrow December 1st, at 8am.

1. Tory Burch Beverage Container



This Tory Burch thermos is super adorable. I love Tory Burch and if I was drinking out of this I would feel very important. 🙂

2. Diane von Furstenburg Yoga Mat




I love to do yoga (I haven’t in quite sometime though) and I would be happy to start it again if I had this beautiful yoga mat by the one and only Diane von Furstenburg.

3. Marc Jacobs Pouch



I absolutely adore Marc Jacobs and these pouches are so versatile. They would go with so many outfits from casual to dressy and add instant glamour to any outfit.

4. Lela Rose Top




I am obsessed with the detail on this top. It’s adorable!! It would flatter any figure and could be worn casual or dressy. I would be more than proud to hang this in my closet.

5. Oscar de la Renta Tote



Besides the next item, this is the piece I probably want the most. Oscar de la Renta is a legend and a daily inspiration to me and this bag would represent me showing the world that. It’s white so it would go with practically everything and the floral detailing adds the girly touch that I love in my accessories.

6. Tracy Reese Blouse

Tracy Reese



I love anything sparkly and shimmery and this blouse is perfect for my personality. I would love to wear this for New Years and it would look amazing on any body.


Well, those are the dream items of mine that I wanted to show you. Happy Weekend!


xoxo, Jennifer


4 thoughts on “Jen’s Target + Neiman Marcus Collaboration Wishlist

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  2. I always get so excited by the photos for Target collaborations (especially the Missoni one), but I’m don’t like to brave crowds or lose sleep over them. I love those little Marc Jacobs pouches!

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