Jen’s Visit to the Target + Neiman Marcus Collection!

Today was awesome. My mother took my sister and I shopping for some christmas gifts, and we just so happened to stop by Target for some groceries. So, my fashionista adrenaline kicked in because even though I couldn’t buy anything from the Target + Neimans collection, I could still take pics for you guys. The story is that when my mom was at the checkout, I realized the duty I had to the world of fashion and that duty was to go see those clothes with my own eyes. So, I walked over to the clothing section (more like ran over) and didn’t see the collection. My heart sank. Then I ran to the fitting rooms and asked the attendant if they had the items. She said they did and the items were near the maternity. So, while I run out of the fitting rooms I accidentally bump into a lady and her shopping cart. (Oops.) Once I get over to the display, a security guy and a sales associate where there and the fighting girls I pictured in my mind where nowhere to be seen. After they saw the rushed look on my face, the workers told me “Don’t worry, everything is still here.” It looked like no one had purchased ANYTHING! It’s remarkable to me how the average shopper cannot grasp the importance of these items. I proceeded to touch everything like it was a newborn baby and I was its mother. Then I pulled my phone out and started snapping pics. (Sorry about the bad quality of some, my hands were shaking with excitement.) So here are the pictures of some items from the collection:

-Robert Rodriguez Dress

Robert Rodriguez Dress

-Brian Atwood Leather Gloves

Brian Atwood Leather Gloves

-Robert Rodriguez Chiffon Ruffled Blouse

Robert Rodriguez Top

-Derek Lam Slippers

Derek Lam Slippers

-Thom Browne Womens Blazer and Prabal Gurung Cape

Thom Browne Womens Blazer and Prabal Gurung Cape

-Marc Jacobs Pouch

Marc Jacobs Pouch

-Alice + Olivia Suitcases

Alice + Olivia Luggage

-Tracy Reese Sequin Blouses

Tracy Reese Sequin Blouse

-Proenza Schouler Sweatshirts

Proenza Schouler Sweatshirt

-Prabal Gurung Clutch

Prabal Gurung Clutch

-Tory Burch Beverage Container

Tory Burch Beverage Container

-Oscar de la Renta Totes

Oscar de la Renta Tote

-Alice + Olivia Bicycle

Jen and the Alice +Olivia Bike

I saw this bike and immediately fell in love. I asked the security guy Jason to take the picture and he was nice enough to do so. Thanks, Jason. I wish I could buy this bike. After I saw this in store, it’s the item I want the most. Not to mention, I could actually use a bicycle because my kid sister is almost as tall as me (I’m pretty short) and stole my bike. Now I have no bike to ride around New York City when I go. Oh well. Anyways, I hope you are able to buy some of these pieces for yourself because they are truly amazing and great quality for the price.

Happy Shopping!

xoxo, Jennifer


10 thoughts on “Jen’s Visit to the Target + Neiman Marcus Collection!

  1. Ohhhhh…. so much that I want! I just landed in Cleveland tonight; am going to have to find the closet Target after work tomorrow and see what’s left over.

  2. Jen, do you mind me asking how tall you are? You mentioned you are short, and I’ve seen comments that the Alice & Olivia bike frame is quite tall (28″), and better suited to taller women. Did you have any problem with it? Thank you!

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