Peplums, H&M, and Chocolate Coconut Butter!

Okay, I know food has nothing to do with fashion (or does it?) but I just recently tried chocolate coconut butter and I must say its very yummy. You should try it as a healthy option for a dessert. 😉 Anyways, Saturday I went shopping with my wonderful friends and believe it or not, It was my first time to visit H&M in person. The even more exciting new was that my friends bought me my first H&M dress WITH A PEPLUM! I now own something with a peplum! They are very exciting! So yesterday I wore my new dress with gold hoop earrings from Old Navy, a black Anne Klein blazer, black beaded platforms, and a leopard print wristlet. I am in love with this new dress so hopefully you will love it too! (Bonus points: My NYX coral lipstick matched the shade of the dress perfectly!)

photo (49)

photo (51)


photo (50)


Til next time!

xoxo, Jen


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