How I became A Fashionista and What It Means To Me

I am a fashionista. You probably wouldn’t have called me that a long time ago, but it all started when I was 13 years old. There I was, in a doctor’s office, the walls painted dark green and the couches were light yellow, almost an Easter pastel color. (Would definitely not be my choice of color combinations.) I sit on one of the couches, and I sift through the old magazines on the coffee table from the 90’s. I see one that catches my eye, and start to flip through the soon to be beacon of light. As I turn the pages, my eyes stop on a Chanel ad. It’s a woman in a black ostrich feather dress, with long blonde hair and perfect red lipstick, looking into a mirror. The focal point of the ad is a beautiful red Chanel handbag that is on her shoulder. There is a look in her eyes; a look of steel, a look of determination, a look of luxury; and a certain kind of sophistication about her. The woman looks as if she can conquer the world, with her red handbag at her side. When my 13-year-old self was looking into the eyes of this woman on the pages of a magazine, I knew that I had found somewhere I belonged. One thing I know for certain is that I have the same steel in my eyes as the Chanel woman. To me, fashion isn’t just clothes and shoes and pretty models. Fashion is art. Fashion IS art. We are constantly defining ourselves by what music we like, who we are friends with, what our goals in life are. We choose how to dress ourselves to send a particular message. The message we send shows what we want to be, and who we are in the moment. My goal is to help women find clothes to wear that define themselves so they don’t have to wonder about finding who they are. They already know. I have a passion to help women feel beautiful. It is important that every woman feels she is beautiful because we were all created that way. I don’t want any woman to feel invisible. Feeling invisible is horrible, depressing, and you don’t know who you are. I want every girl to feel as if she can conquer the world while wearing my clothes. I am a fashion designer because I love creating art and my art celebrates the Wonder Woman inside all of us. I hope you enjoy my designs, and someday you will see my name on a label in your favorite store.



To the Wonder Woman inside all of us,



7 thoughts on “How I became A Fashionista and What It Means To Me

  1. I totally agree. I believe fashion is art too. Too many people follow fads that come and go whereas I wear what I like and stay away from what I don’t. Great vision you have here. xx Karen.

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