Jumpsuits, Tutus, and Fire.

Hey guys! I hope yall had an amazing weekend! I have been up to some sketching lately so I thought I would show you. First, Is a sketch that I thought of while listening to “Who You Are” by Jessie J. I guess I was so inspired by the emotion she put into the song that I thought I wanted to do a sketch inspired by her. I actually think this is something she might wear.

photo (63) Jessie-J-jessie-j-32295605-1920-1080

The next dress was inspired by the new series on The CW, “The Carrie Diaries”. It hasn’t premiered yet, but I was inspired by the ads with Anna Sophia Robb. I wanted to do a modern and grown up version of the tutu, inspired by Carrie herself, Sarah Jessica Parker.

photo (62) The_Carrie_Diaries_TV_Series-233306192-large Carrie-Tutu

The next sketch was inspired by fire. I love the thought of a fire dress, although it probably is impossible and very impractical. Maybe when Im older and make the dress I can find a way to make it an illusion with fabric, or a hologram, like Alexander Mc Queen. 🙂

photo (61)


Hope you enjoyed these!

xoxo, Jen


16 thoughts on “Jumpsuits, Tutus, and Fire.

  1. Hey!
    You’re an amazing drawer. I suck at anything like that. I love the little bow detail you put on Jessie J’s jumpsuit and the fire dress! Is that a Katniss Everdeen thing? haha. I can’t see the carrie one though 😦 but I am excited to see the show since its produced by the gossip girl people! xx Karen.

  2. I love that song too! Have seen Cimorelli’s cover of it?

    I have to agree with stylecrumb, you draw very well! Have you ever thought of joining deviantart.com? It’s a fun place to share your work, and get to look at other people’s work. If you ever check it out, my deviant ID is Maclafel7. 🙂

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