Jen’s Prabal Gurung + Target Collaboration Wishlist!

Hey Guys! Sorry about the lack of posts, I have been sick (again). But I am getting better so look forward to some killer outfits! I am also excited about the Prabal Gurung + Target collaboration releasing in just a few days! I had high hopes for the Neiman Marcus collection, as the pieces looked beautiful online. But after getting to see them in person and trying some stuff on, the quality and versatility of these items was more than displeasing. Today I will show you my favorite items from this collaboration, the items that I think are the most adorable, and most versatile and can fit most body types. (thats another problem with the Neimans collection, it didn’t look that good unless you were a model.) 🙂

1. Short sleeve dress in first date print


I LOVE this print! so colorful and fun, just like me! The black on the side of the dress with help make your figure long and lean, and will help disguise any lumps. I think many women could wear this.

2. Blue leather jacket


I have been looking for the perfect leather jacket, and this one is adorable! Its blue, one of my favorite colors, and look at that print on the inside! ❤

3. Full skirted dress in floral crush print


Again, I LOVE this print!! And the shape of this dress would be totally flattering on me or any woman! The full skirt starting at the waist is one of my FAVORITE silhouettes.

4. Red lace up heels


How ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE are these?! There is just something about a woman wearing red shoes I love, and these lace up booties are perfect! And, they dont have a huge platform which makes it totes easy to walk in!

Hope you guys enjoyed this little post! What is you favorite item from the Prabal Gurung + Target Collaboration?

xoxo, Jen


3 thoughts on “Jen’s Prabal Gurung + Target Collaboration Wishlist!

  1. I’m SO excited for this collab, all of the items are so pretty! That full skirted dress is my favorite, there is aother one like that in the line that I want also! Great post! 🙂

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