Spring/Summer 2013 HUGE Haul!



Hey guys! Today I have a HUGE fashion and beauty haul for yall! Hey I made a rhyme. πŸ™‚ Anyways, this is a haul of things I have gotten for my bday, or have bought for spring and summer. Here we go!



The first thing on my list was a great pair of denim shorts that weren’t too short and weren’t too long. And of course, Target had them! They were $20, but in my opinion, a big need for my summer wardrobe and a great investment. And Target denim lasts for ages, so Im set.

DSCF9626 DSCF9627


Okay, this is one of my splurges. I love Katy Perry and thought this hoodie was adorable. Its perfect to keep me warm on cool summer nights! ;D



I have been wanting a top with no sleeves, yet I am not comfortable in a full on tank top. I thought this blouse from Image was a perfect solution! The only problem was that ALL the buttons were SUPER loose and I had to sew all of them back on because they would have literally popped off with one wear! But other than that, I love this top. Perfect for wearing cute jewelry with.



I saw this tshirt at H&M and I had to have it! Its totally adorable and fits perfectly! Its like that one tshirt you try on and you instantly fall in love with the way it fits and now that its your new favorite.

DSCF9645 DSCF9646


These trousers from H&M are my trend piece for this season. And they didnt even count as a splurge because I picked them up for only $9.95! Yay! They are ankle length and and feel so luxurious. I love them!



I bought this peach colored tshirt from H&M to match the pants. It fits great and is a perfect pastel for spring! It was only $5.95.



My friend gave me this adorable little wallet for my bday! Its totally me!



I got a gift card for Charming Charlie and I purchased this HUGE tote bag! I LOVE it! Its super cute and can hold all my things, including my magazines and sketchbook! It can double as a pool bag for the summer.



I bought these perfumes at Bath & Body Works. Moonlight Path is perfect for evening, it has a sort of mystery to it. Sea Island Cotton is my favorite! It smells like a cotton tshirt washed in the ocean water! The Pink Chiffon is a shimmer spray, but smells so sweet and dear. I love all of them!



These are “Select-A-Shimmer” from B&BW. Its scented shimmer gel and scented body lotion in one! You can dial the pump to dispense equal amounts of shimmer gel and lotion, or turn it for just one, or more of one and less of the other. I got these in Moonlight Path and Twilight Woods.

DSCF9652 DSCF9655


I got these eyelashes from Ebay in 005 and 027. Unfortunately, these are too long for my to wear with my glasses. 😦 But they look absolutely amazing! I forgot to take a pic, but I also purchased lash glue from Benefit, because I was having an allergic reaction to Ardell’s glue because of the latex. I like Benefit’s way better anyways! These eyelashes are perfect for parties, costumes, or just having fun. They were only $1.29 each! With free shipping!



All of my nail products I received as a gift. I absolutely love this kit from Claire’s! I have been wanting to try the Ciate caviar manicure kit, but it is just way too expensive for me. These nails turned out so cute! I forgot to take a picture. Sorry about that. The only bad thing was that if you applied a top coat, the color would come off of the pearls and turn a yellowy color! ew! And all the pearls came off within a day. But other than that, my nails looked like a complete candy confection!



I also received Sinful Colors 380 Pinky Glitter polish, Magnetic Force by Color Club polish in Electro-Midnight, and Pure Ice colors in Showstopper and Dazzle Me. I absolutely love all these polishes! The color payoff is great! and I must add that the magnetic one is AWESOME!



I also got all these beautiful colors from Beauty UR. I love the white pearly sheen for the white nails trend this season!

PHEW! My fingers are tired after typing this! Hope you enjoyed this! Whats your favorite item I got? πŸ™‚

xoxo, Jen


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