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Hey guys. Today isnt about telling you what im wearing, what newest item I bought, its about facing the horrible things of this world. As many of you guys know, I LOVE Katy Perry. She is beautiful, fun, energetic, sweet, and a very strong woman. I looked up to her, wanting to be like her. Her song Firework was my theme song, and could get me through any rough day. last weekend was hard for my best friend Haley. We found out that her favorite artist, Ke$ha, had lots of secret satanic symbols and imagery within her clothing, on her cd’s, and in her music. We checked all my Katy Perry things for that and we didnt find any pentagrams, all seeing eyes, goats heads; only lollipops and cotton candy. My mom was on the internet and found this: . I know, your are thinking, “Really Jen? She didnt really just say that” or “thats totally fake”.


But read this.


“Since Katy Perry sold her soul to the devil, she has become the biggest pop star this side of Lady Gaga. In 2010 her studio album Teenage Dream boasted 5 number one hits. She was MTV’s 2011 Artist of the Year. Having gone double-platinum and to number one, the song Firework came in as Billboard’s #3 song of the year for 2011 and won Video of the Year (the main and final award) in the 2011 MTV Music Video Awards. Shot by the Danube River at the former royal family’s medieval Buda Castle palace complex courtyard in Budapest, Hungary. Buda Castle is more than just the palace, but also extends to include Matthias Church, Fisherman’s Bastion and Mary Magdalene Tower. Firework was produced by Stargate and Sandy Vee. The labyrinths and caves that extend for six miles underneath the castle are considered one of the seven underground wonders in the world, but have been closed down by authorities. The video may seem sweet and empowering on the surface as an inspiring anthem for discouraged people to overcome their self-esteem challenges and shine, but I feel there is a very deep occult meaning. Ask yourself if someone who has sold their soul to the devil would make such a positive video. To me the video is a play on what happens to our souls at death if we go into the light. The theory of this website is that souls at death are lured to the light of the moon with beautiful lights or song and then stored in the moon until they are sent to the sun to be recycled (most likely during a solar eclipse) and sent back to the earth in the solar wind during solar flares or coronal mass ejections.

I have a 1080p high definition copy of the video so I suggest you find the best quality available. The video begins with the very soft sound of a siren as the camera pans across Chain Bridge shown with the illuminated golden ball of Buda Castle behind it, across Inner City Church towers, and then across the sun wheel of a tower (which is too dark to be seen clearly) on which Katy is standing over a balcony. She is singing about feeling dead, or being 6 feet deep. There is a masonic checkerboard pattern beneath her feet. I had to do alot of research on Google satellite maps to identify building tops to know exactly where she is standing because it is not at the palace. Once I found the building Google identified it as “Hell Energy” which makes an energy drink called Hell Energy drink whose motto is “gives you power like hell”. You can’t make this stuff up. So she is perhaps contemplating jumping, about to die and is hell energy or energy for hell. Why of all the possible site choices to shoot the video did the director decide to use a place called Hell Energy? She sings you gotta ignite the light and own the night. Her heart starts bursting on fire and shooting sparks across the sky like fireworks on the fourth of July. She says to go “boom boom boom” and be brighter than the “moon moon moon”. Having seen her heart ignite, countless others start copying her behavior and let their hearts ignite too. This may be forms of what is called imitative magic and sympathetic magic. As they sing “moon” they show the dome of the Castle.

Since most people have short attention spans I’ll get right to the core of the ritual to show how Katy Perry and her producers are using witchcraft in her video Firework and then I’ll go into much more detail to show supportive evidence. Witches are known to practice magic by gathering in circles and rotating the circle either clockwise or counterclockwise depending on the intent. Since the human body has energy or electricity this makes a sort of a generator of power which can amplify the witches’ intent whether good or bad. When you see the dancers form in the Lion’s Courtyard they form an eight-spoked sun wheel which is based around the solstices and known to witches as the Wheel of the Year. Katy is spinning counterclockwise inside the circle like a whirling dervish. They then form a sun swastika with its tips pointed to the left which is negative. In one circle there are some dancers going clockwise while another ring of the circle is going counterclockwise. This is counterproductive and is always used for negativity. Then finally I believe they form a labyrinth since on the right side there is a small opening or entrance just like you see in mazes or labyrinths. Plus underneath their feet is a six mile underground labyrinth. Labyrinths are symbols which can symbolize one’s spiritual path in life and are mazes that have been used to entrap and also even for sacrifice.

This energy is directed at you, the listener, because Katy is singing the song in second person commanding you to ignite, using the power of suggestion. In fact she sings the words “you” or “you’re” about 35 times…. “‘Cause there’s a spark in youYou just gotta ignite the light… cuz baby you’re a firework”. [As an aside, Katy sings “you or “you’re” over 80 times in the song “Hot ‘N Cold”.. People will listen to these suggestions over and over as the song is in heavy rotation on radio stations. Many people will sing along to the song and internalize the subconscious message. Countless others who watch the video will remember the images of the people igniting perhaps with a positive association reinforcing it, but it is being bound with the symbolism of the sun imagery.

She sings another verse and then repeats the chorus, but this time she sings you gotta ignite like a lightning bolt and ignite the “lie” (she nevers annunciates the ‘t’ in “light”). Other souls take note and follow suit. They all run to the Lion’s Courtyard of the Buda Castle, passing two lion statues guarding it called the Lion’s Gate. The lion has always been a symbol of the sun in heraldry because the mane looks like the sun’s rays. One guy runs past her wearing a sweatshirt that says “SOHO District” on it. SOHO may be an entertainment district in London, but SOHO is also the name for NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory and their website is known for posting images of the sun and solar data. They all form a circle which looks exactly like the buddhist reincarnation symbol of the wheel of rebirth or the wiccan Wheel of the Year which breaks the circle up into the eight wiccan holidays. This circle with eight spokes is also called the sunwheel. Katy is spinning counterclockwise. The dancers rotate counterclockwise which is called Widdershins and is used for negative spell casting. Once again the dancers dance counterclockwise in the form of a left facing sun swastika with its arm tips bent to the left — once again a negative use. Finally they create what looks like a labyrinth with an opening at one end. They jump as their sparks ignite perhaps reenacting the ancient celtic practice of jumping over the fire. They all burst into flames and give a fireworks display over the golden dome of Buda Castle.

This video is nothing but a magical spell of witchcraft using the wiccan Wheel of Year with several symbols using the counterclockwise movement which is called widdershans. The second time she sings “moon, moon, moon” they show a close-up of the dome which is now in golden light because the sun is brighter than the moon. If you look at the google satellite map image of the top of the tower on the building where Katy stands at the beginning of the video ready to jump, you will see that it is a sun wheel. A couple of the spokes have been moved, but you can see there are 8 spokes and they are all intact during the shooting of the video. As she looks over the balcony, the building across the street has a white star all the way to the left side and there is a gold rising sun in one of the door entrances on the right hand side……

The macabre images in this video when the hearts burst or ignite are very similar to when the souls were taken up and renewed in the fiery ritual of Carousel in the sci-fi movie Logan’s Run. The participants of the ritual in the movie would all chant ‘renew, ‘renew’ as the ascending spirits would ignite into flames. Katy advises you to ignite your inner spark, go boom boom boom, and become a firework that shoots across the sky. The first subject in the video is a chubby girl who is too self-conscious of her body to jump into a swimming pool in her bikini. There is a giant glowing white/orange/yellow orb on the table where she is sitting symbolic of the sun. The next person shown is a sick or dying cancer patient in a hospital. As she walks down the hallway along the right wall there is a jester crescent moon with balls hanging down just like in the hats that jesters wear and there may be a skull above it. There is no other decoration in the hall, just the moon jester. The last person is a magician who is being harassed by thugs, but uses his magic to survive.

The t-shirt of the middle hoodlum harassing one of the heroes of the video reads “nion”. In Celtic astrology which wiccans and druids hold in high esteem, Nion was a mermaid or siren, of the god Gwydion, a lunar deity, symbolized by the ash tree whose symbol was the trident or sea-horse or mermaid. Gwydion delights in trickery and was the orginator of April Fool’s Day and was a powerful sorceror magician, hero and trickster of Welsh mythology. One of two types of Celtic astrology is based on a lunar calendar and is called the Beth-Luis-Nion calendar which begins on the Winter Solstice.Nion is the ash month from February 18th to March 17th. Nion is also probably where we get the word ‘union’. In fact a band named The Union has an album and song called Siren’s Song. If you pause the video at just the right time you will see that the middle thug has vampire fangs. Also the hoodlum to his right in the hood looks like the evil looking jedi warrior, Nion, in the Star Wars movie series. Why did the director choose a magician who practices magic for a character?

Notice the mentioning of the moon as the heart or soul goes boom and then showing a golden dome like the sun. Labyrinths are a symbol of the spiritual journey or path one takes in life or the afterlife. They also symbolize a maze or entrapment and one famous one in Greek mythology was used to imprison a minotaur. People were even sacrificed at a labyrinth in Knossos. In the video they all run to the courtyard at Buda Castle which is signifying running to the labyrinth beneath their feet. The song even refers to being underground in the first verse. I think the video and song show that at death our souls are ripped apart (R.I.P.) and are shot across the sky to be used as hell’s energy in the sun which is the wheel of rebirth. We are then renewed on earth which is a matrix, maze or prison. When Katy is standing inside the circle at one point she raises her right arm like the Statue of Liberty (symbolic of Prometheus/Venus/Lucifer) while fireworks are going off all around her. She has a tattoo which can’t be read, but says “go with the flow”. Witches believe in directing and allowing the summoned energy in a ceremony to flow inside of them and through them during a ritual. Note in the google satellite map image the bank tower uses a sun wheel with a couple of spokes removed (perhaps Yule and Imbolc) and placed in a triangle and it also uses a crossed axes logo which is a symbol of fascism. A double-headed axe is called a labrys and is associated with labyrinths. The girl who is self-conscious about her body has a huge solar globe at her table and the fraternity party she is at bears the greek letters gamma gamma gamma — Gamma ray bursts are produced by the sun during solar flares. The sick bald child is in Szent Margit Rendelointezet Hospital. Szent Margit is St. Margaret. All these Marys are venerations of the Virgin Mary or Mary Magdalene who is identified with Aphrodite or Venus. There is even a Mary Magdalene temple on the site.

There are the independent symbols of the jester moon and the mermaid Nion from Celtic astrology whose god is Gwydion — a trickster moon god who was a master magician and created April Fool’s Day. Also the video begins with the sound of a siren. And if that’s not enough to convince you, the balcony Katy stands on according to Google satellite maps is Hell Energy, a company that produces Hell Energy drink and the Reiffesen bank which is to her left at the corner of the building uses as its corporate logo a labrys (doubled-headed axe) or crossed axes that are a symbol of fascism, not to mention the sun swastika and the counterclockise circles. The video was released on Thursday, October 28th, 2010 for the Halloween weekend which is the Gaelic harvest festival, the biggest holiday for witches. The witches’ Triangle of Manifestation (which is the symbol Jay-Z, Rihanna and all the rappers give) needs two points (space and time) in order to manifest sohe video may use Hell Energy and a labyrinth for the space and Halloween a.k.a. All Souls Day for the time.

So the video depicts what happens to souls who go to the light. The theory of this website is that souls at death are lured to the light/moon which is a siren (probably the alien being/beings Katy sings about in her video E.T. to whom she sings “lead me into the light”). The energy is stored there and then most likely during a solar eclipse sent to the sun to be ignited as solar flares directed back to earth….

In case, you think the labyrinth symbolism in the above review is a stretch, consider the fact that she uses another labyrinth in the video “Wide Awake”. She is trapped in a dark underground labyrinth or maze . She is finding her way through it by use of an illuminated torch which is symbolic of the light of Lucifer or the torch of Prometheus. She finds an exit down at the end of a hallway. She sings over and over in the song how she’s wide awake, or illuminated. You’re still asleep apparently, but she’s wide awake. She emerges from the black and white deary underground labyrinth into a world of color, another dimension. At the end of the video there is a golden doorway through which she will presumably enter (and hopes you do, too, as this is programming) to exit from the labyrinth or trap she is in. In a live performance she sang the song dressed what can only be described as a spirit with a long tailed white dress as she swung next to a moon.

In the song Hot ‘N Cold, Katy apparently is angry at an ex-boyfriend who is wishy-washy, but the problem is she sings the song in the second person which means we get to hear her sing it to us as if she is mad at us. She sings the word “you” or “you’re” over 80 times!!! And starting at around 1:30 into the video she angrily points at the viewer about 20 times as if she is using her index finger as a magic wand to cast all her negative energy onto us. We’ve all been told it’s not polite to point. If someone went around pointing at people like this in real life it would cause fights, but for some reason they get a pass because they are rock stars and hey, it’s only a video, right? The rock band Rush in their song “Presto” sing, ” I’m not one to go pointing my finger (If I could wave my magic wand) when I radiate more heat than light”. The background singers sing “if I could wave my magic wand” while this is sang. In the video Katy yells in his face, gives him the evil eye, points at him, crosses her fingers, waves her hands at him as if hexing him with a spell, slits her throat with her hand a few times. The viewer is also assaulted. She points at us about 20 times (once with her thumb and index finger shaped like a gun), flicks her hands at us, and at one point a background dancer swings a baseball bat at us and points it directly at the camera. At one point in the video Katy and her angry friends carry this guy off as if to perform a ritual, surround him in a circle with baseball bats and then start walking around him in a counterclockwise motion. This is what witches do when they want to cast a negative spell. He is finally knocked to the ground.

Notice the square of red neon lights behind her are actually a top-down view of a pyramid missing its capstone. As you can see in another photo she is wearing a pair of earrings which are a pyramid topped by an orb (either the sun or moon presumably)..”

If you go to the website I have a link to, it shows you the pictures of all the symbols that are in the videos, and I am truly crushed after I found this out. Why would something so good have to be so bad? But then again, Satan doesn’t knock on your door and ask to be invited in. He deceives. and man was I sure deceived by Katy Perry. After reading this I realized that I had put Katy Perry above God in my life. I should not love a woman who is blinded and lets these things slip into her music and videos intentionally or not. It killed me to do this, but last night I broke every dvd, cd, tore every poster,cut my new hoodie to shreds, and even ripped up my autograph of hers. The only way to get rid of Satan’s negative energy woven into all these material things is to burn them. I plan to do that just like my best friend did with her Ke$ha items. In Matthew 4, Jesus us in the wilderness and Satan is talking to Jesus. Satan says, ““I will give it all to you,” he said, “if you will kneel down and worship me.” Jesus replied, “Get out of here, Satan,” Jesus told him. “For the Scriptures say, ‘You must worship the Lord your God and serve only him.’ ”

Unfortunately, most of us say yes to Satan, willingly or not, and settle for earthly things like money or fame instead of waiting for the big treasure, eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. Its like saying I’d rather have a tiny chocolate chip now rather than the whole jumbo bag from Costo later. You might think Im crazy, and you might not like me that much, but thats your problem if you do. I know that I am following God’s plan for my life and as much as I dont want all of this to be true, it is. and I have to face it that Katy Perry isnt who I thought she would be. I know that by letting go of Katy Perry my eyes will be open, and I can see clearly everything God wants me to do in my life. I truly feel like Im supposed to be the bright light shining in the fashion world. With God on my side, I can accomplish anything. 🙂

DSCF9662 DSCF9663 DSCF9664 DSCF9676 DSCF9673 DSCF9672

DSCF9682 DSCF9667


Get out of here Satan!

xoxo, Jen


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