Meeting Big Time Rush + OOTD and Makeup/Hair

Hey guys! So sorry I havent posted in awhile! I get so busy and then Im like, OMG! I need to blog! Oops! 🙂 Anyways, you may or may not know, but I have loved Big Time Rush ever since I was 12. I mean I LOVE them! 🙂 Last year my best friend Haley and I went to their concert, but this year, we both had money and got VIP passes! Talk about awesome! We got 6th row seats for the concert, special merchandise, a nice area in the shade to cool off and a private concession stand, a visit to soundcheck, AND WE GOT TO MEET BIG TIME RUSH! So, I am going to start with the whole story of my day, and then some pics. 🙂 (Jackson Guthy, Olivia Somerlyn. and Victoria Justice opened for Big Time Rush.)

Morning- Because I wanted to look super cute meeting the 4 hottest guys on the planet, my awesome cosmetologist friend Stephanie did my hair and makeup. She also did Haleys. 🙂 For my hair she did a waterfall braid incorporating my bangs and loose soft curls. For Haley’s hair, she did the same waterfall braid, but straightened her hair. For my makeup, (I helped on some things because I am so picky lol), Stephanie did perfect skin, lots of contouring with blush and bronzer to define my cheekbones, and brown smoky eyes with liquid eyeliner and natural false lashes. I did my eyebrows as normal haha. For Haley, Stephanie did perfect skin, a touch of blush, and colorful eyes to match Haley’s outfit. Haley also wore her lipstick MAC Feel My Pulse. I wore my Sephora No 15 with some Beauty Rush by Victorias Secret lip gloss.

VIP Check in Time- At check in time, we waiting in a HUGE line to get our tickets and passes. When we were almost to the booth, I saw this handsome buff guy who looks like Carlos Pena’s trainer, Alec! aka Alec the Trainer. His voice is exactly like Ryan Goslings im not even kidding. So a dad in the line was nice enough to go ask Alec if he would take a picture with us. Thankfully, He did! Then, after we got our passes, Dustin Belt, (guitarist for BTR and half of Kendall’s other band, Heffron Drive), was giving us our tickets! He was really cool and I gave him a high five. After that, we went to the VIP waiting area to go to soundcheck.

Soundcheck- At Soundcheck we were in the fourth row! The guys sat on stools and sang 2 songs acoustically to us. In between, they would have us ask them questions. After singing “Windows Down” they asked for another question. (I missed the fact that it was for Dustin lol) Carlos and Logan asked “Who can be the craziest and loudest?” So OF COURSE, I went completely NUTS! First James then all of they guys pointed to ME! and said The girl in the blue! So, for about two whole minutes, the whole band was looking me in the eyes and smiling. ❤ Talk about awesome. My question was: If you could pick any theme song for your life what would it be? and Dustin’s answer was Stayin Alive by the Bee Gees. Good answer Dustin 🙂

Meet and Greet- When we were in the room about to meet BTR, Dustin told us to put our stuff on the table. 9Earlier when we were entering the venue, I gave my gifts to the guys to the lady who was taking them. The day after the concert, I noticed that the day of, Alexa Vega (Carlos’ Girlfriend) (Carmen from “Spy Kids”) had MY gifts to the guys in a video she posted with a few gifts from fans! :DDD) So James and Logan were standing together, and Kendall and Carlos were standing together. Haley decided she would go to James and Logan and I would go to Kendall and Carlos. So when it was our turn (AHH!) I went straight to Kendall and gave him a huge hug! While we still were hugging each other, I asked him if he would kiss me on the cheek for our picture. but he said he was sorry but he wasn’t allowed to do that. (Probably because Im a minor) Anyways, I knew it was almost time for the picture so I put my arm around Carlos and then we took the picture. After that, I gave Carlos a hug and put my head on his chest and he wrapped his arms around me. (:D) I said Hey Carlos! and he ind of laughed and said hey back. Then I gave Logan a quick hug and we said hey, then the stupid bodyguard said my time was up so all James and I could do what look at each other and smile. Oh well, I pretty much had a convo with all of them at soundcheck.

Concert- The first act, Jackson Guthy, was amazing! He was better than Justin Bieber! It was pretty sweet because I was one of the few people up and dancing and when he came to our side (quite often lol) he would look at me and copy my dance moves! After the concert Haley and I were able to meet him, and he was really nice (and really cute!!!). Victoria Justice was AWESOME! and I have watched her on tv since I was little, so it was really cool seeing her. Then of course, Big Time Rush was AMAZING! They put on such a good show last year and it was absolutely exciting getting able to view it from the 6th row! Theyre so much fun 🙂 Anyways, here are the pics!!!


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