confortable et chic

Hello fashionistas! Today I am wearing this wonderful dress that my lovely Grandma and Papaw gave me, thanks! I love you! Anyways, I love it because is it such an easy yet chic piece to throw on. I love the stripes! I paired it with black tights and an extremely comfy black cardigan, with a lovely flower detail on it. It is kind of hard to see šŸ˜¦ I needed some color to the outfit, so I put on pink Arizona boots, and a cutesy little cocktail ring that my aunt gave me quite a while ago. This outfit is even comfier than jeans! I could easily dress this up with some heeled buckle boots if I wanted the outfit to be a bit fancy. Hope you enjoyed this post and I am really looking forward to #fashionfridaysTCD this weekend! I have an even cuter Carrie outfit this week! I hope you all have a successful, peaceful week!

foto1 Foto2 Foto4 Fotor3


Thanks so much for reading my blog! and 1 month until TBF’s 1 year anniversary! I have several surprises up my sleeve for y’all! šŸ™‚

xoxo, Jen


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