Designer’s Choice Fashion Preview Dallas 2013

Hello fashionistas!! Sorry I have been MIA, i recently got a job and have been super busy! that aside, I recently attended the most amazing fashion show with my mom! It was hosted by Korto Momolu, and you may know her from the show Project Runway and the season of Project Runway All Stars that is airing right now. Korto showcased her NYFW collection at the show and other designers showcased theirs as well and all the proceeds from the show benefited the Timmons Arts Foundation. DCFP was at the Dallas World Trade Center, the venue was huge and very fun! My mom and I had VIP seats so we were in the second row to the left side of the runway. Those seats were perfect for seeing every detail on the designs. We also had a VIP area. Meeting Korto was awesome! She was so sweet and fun and congrats to her on expecting her second child. I love Korto’s design aesthetic and find it very similar to mine. The whole show was good and enjoyable, but towards the end the chairs got uncomfortable. There were some very strong pieces that were beautiful, but a lot of weaker pieces that needed more time to be runway ready. Other than that, I had a blast! It was a total step up from the college show. Because of how edgy I looked, several people assumed I was a designer. I replied, “Yes, but not in this show.” 🙂 We met several interesting people and it was so fun being with my mom. Also, props to her for giving me the wildest most awesomest hair ever! I love you! Anyways, this show was definitely worth seeing.

Hope you enjoyed this!

xoxo, Jen


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