bonbons colorés d’inspiration OOTD and my new ombre hair!

Howdy folks! (Yes i am Texan.) Today is a wonderful (and HOT!) summer day and I was feeling colorful so I thought I would share my candy colored outfit Im wearing today with yall!  My cosmetologist bff Stephanie also dyed my hair ombre on Sunday! We bleached it using Manic Panic’s flashlightening kit, then used […]

Meeting Big Time Rush + OOTD and Makeup/Hair

Hey guys! So sorry I havent posted in awhile! I get so busy and then Im like, OMG! I need to blog! Oops! 🙂 Anyways, you may or may not know, but I have loved Big Time Rush ever since I was 12. I mean I LOVE them! 🙂 Last year my best friend Haley […]