Jen’s Visit to the Target + Neiman Marcus Collection!

Today was awesome. My mother took my sister and I shopping for some christmas gifts, and we just so happened to stop by Target for some groceries. So, my fashionista adrenaline kicked in because even though I couldn’t buy anything from the Target + Neimans collection, I could still take pics for you guys. The […]

Jen’s Target + Neiman Marcus Collaboration Wishlist

I was super stoked last year when Target did a collaboration with Jason Wu. One can only imagine how fast my heart was beating when I found out that Target and Neiman’s were working together to bring pieces from 24 different designers at a price that is unbeatable. Now, most of these things are still […]

Fall/Winter 2012 Hair Trends

Girls all around the world choose how to wear their hair every day; whether they choose to disappearĀ and wear a hat, blend in by putting their hair up, or just simple and straight. I think we should experiment with our hair, whether it is a new edgy pixie cut, blunt bangs (which I recently had […]