Birthday Princess Outfit Planning!

Hey Guys! Let me just admit this: I NEED HELP! My birthday is less than a month away, and my party is even sooner. I have bought the dress, but I need help with everything else! Lets just say that this birthday is one of the most important in a teenage girl’s life. 😉 Anyways, […]

♡ It Could Be So Simple ♡

Hey Guys! I have been obsessed with the song “Simple” by Katy Perry. Teenage Katy is so cute. 🙂 Check out the song here. Anyways, my outfit for today is a white sweater from Old Navy, AnchorBlue jeans, pink leather gloves from Target, brown fuzzy boots and random jewelry. The lipstick I’m wearing is  e.l.f. […]

Peplums, H&M, and Chocolate Coconut Butter!

Okay, I know food has nothing to do with fashion (or does it?) but I just recently tried chocolate coconut butter and I must say its very yummy. You should try it as a healthy option for a dessert. 😉 Anyways, Saturday I went shopping with my wonderful friends and believe it or not, It […]