#fashionfridaysMSB2 – Week 3

Hello fashionistas! I have to apologize for my absence last week; I was sick and extremely busy. Enough with that: Happy Valentines Day! As you know I am doing a series for Mamasunbear2 and their upcycled treasures! This week as a “Not-so-Valentines-Day” Valentines Day outfit, I chose their upcycled Ralph Lauren cropped sweater. It has a silver heart and some red stripes, which were perfect for Valentines day without going overboard. I paired it with my signature style these days: shorts, tights, and combat boots. To make it a bit more girly, I put a bow in my hair and some heart earrings. This comfortable approach for a Valentines day outfit is perfect for a casual date, hanging out with your friends, or spending time with your family. Make sure to check out Mamasunbear2’s Facebook page to learn more about them and see all their wonderful up cycled treasures!
Now I’m off to the Bitter Ball because I have no date. (Just kidding.) 🙂
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Xoxo, Jen




#fashionfridaysMSB2 – Week 2

Hello fashonistas! Today is the second day in my new series, #fashionfridaysMSB2, featuring up cycled items from Mamasunbear2!
Today I’m wearing one of their upcycled infinity scarves. I love infinity scarves and the texture on this one is so cool. I paired it with a denim button down and rock revival jeans. Here is what Sherry from Mamasunbear2 says about the scarf:
Upcycled Infinity Scarf- I love the idea of infinity scarves and love the knitted ones. Knitting however, is not something that I do, so I did the next best thing. I take and recycle sweaters and turn them into fashionable scarves and legwarmer/bootcuffs. To wear this gem simply put it over your head and rock it!



Stay tuned for next weeks outfit and make sure to check out Mamasunbear2’s Facebook page!
To learn more about them and their story, read last weeks post, here.

Until next week!



Hello fashionistas! Over the next four weeks I am bringing you a new #fashionfridays series featuring mamasunbear2! Sherry, the owner of their business, and her kids are so creative and super sweet!

Mamasunbear2 is a small family business that was started by Sherry and her two kiddos, Emily and Dale, a little over two years ago. They recycle, upcycle, and do DIY projects together to pay for “pay it forward” projects within their community and to help pay for Emily’s monthly college tuition. They are inspired to be creative in order to help not only their only family but others around them. If you would like to check out more about who they are, newbie projects, and items up for sale (yes, they can send items to you) please go to their FB page, mamasunbear2 and like it. They would love to take you along for all of their recycling, upcycling, and DIY adventures. Visit their Facebook page here!

Today I am wearing a vintage leather jacket that Sherry and her kids SPLAT! painted! I love the neon colors so much! I just paired it with a neon studded tank from Forever21, a black bandage skirt, some leggings, and my trusted combat boots. I felt so effortlessly cool.





Here is what Sherry says about the jacket:
Carrie Diaries Inspired SPLAT! Paint leather bomber jacket- My daughter and I are avid fans of the Carrie Diaries series. When Carrie took her mom’s purse and painted it Emily said she loved it. I told her that SPLAT! Painting was super easy and I could make her a purse just like Carrie’s on the show but with “Emily” on it. And so, SPLAT! Painting on items lives again with Mamasunbear2 designs. We take and do this with purses, jackets, and boots. We can personalize the items with your name or just leave them with the one of kind paint job. The leather bomber is a re-cycled piece that I found and treasured being a child of the 80’s who sported a bomber jacket back in the day. To jazz it up we take and SPLAT! Paint them with various bright colors. Wearing one is as simple as putting it on and walking out the door and getting raves over how “totally awesome” you look.

I am so excited to be doing #fashionfridaysMSB2 and make sure to use the hashtag when talking about it! Visit and learn more about Mamasunbear2 here.

Until next time,

Xoxo, Jen